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Address: 12105 US Highway 19 N, Bayonet Point, Florida 34667
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Address: Bayonet Point, Bayonet Point, Florida 34667
: Investors want change, but founders like Mark Zuckerberg hold them off
As some of the nation's biggest and most influential companies face pressure to make changes amid the growing trend of socially responsible investing, their shareholders can only do so much.
Sep, 17 2021
Even Republicans Don’t Believe Their Arguments Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
They’re contradicting themselves on every point.
Sep, 17 2021
SPI Energy’s SolarJuice Receives Volume Order
For Solar4America Brand Solar ProductsLIVERMORE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2021 / SPI Energy Co. ("SPI Energy" or the "Company") (NASDAQ:SPI), a global...
Sep, 17 2021
#39;Happy#39; SpaceX tourist crew spend first day whizzing around Earth
Unlike Nasa missions, the public won’t be able to listen in or watch events unfold in real time. However, St Jude tweeted its patients got to speak with the four American space tourists, “asking the questions we all want to know like ‘are there cows on …
Sep, 17 2021
Warming Causes Cooling, Says Climate Scientist
Let's get this right: global warming caused the record cold in Texas last winter.  And the climate will be even colder for decades to come because the climate is warming, so let's spend trillions to make it colder.  Global...
Sep, 17 2021
Is Bad Boys For Life the last blockbuster?
If Bad Boys For Life had come out three weeks earlier, it would’ve been the No. 12 movie at the 2019 box office. Instead, the team of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence happened to return to screens during the tiny sliver of 2020 when movie theaters were open and…
Sep, 17 2021